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5 Things I Love About The Office

I know that I'm a couple of years too late, but I just finished watching The Office on Netflix and it was amazing!

I first started watching the show many years ago when I would rent the DVD's from the library.  I think I was a little too young to enjoy it though, so I wound up not last more than a couple of seasons.

Without further interruption, here are 10 things that I love about The Office.

1.  What a goofy cast of characters!  One of the amazing things about this show is how even though Michael Scott left a few seasons before the end, the show was still funny without him.  I think that's because the cast worked so well together and had such good chemistry.

2.  Interesting storylines.  Dunder Mifflin is a huge fictional company and it's interesting how they went through so many changes, with branches closing and Sabre buying them out and taking over.  And then them becoming Dunder Mifflin again.  CRAZY!

3.  The romance!  Pam and Jim!  Michael and Holly!  Andy and Erin!  Dwight and Angela!  Phyllis and Bob Vance!  Need I continue?  No matter what, we were always entertained by the various (and constantly changing) couples on the show.

4.  Ryan.  His character is probably the one that made me laugh the most.  He went through so many different manic life changes and career changes and who knows what else?  He's also incredibly fickle in his relationship with Kelly.  But ah well.  He always makes me laugh.

5.  I think Erin was my favorite character.  She's so sweet and funny and Ellie Kemper has such a kind disposition.  It made me laugh how terrible she was with breakups.

Have you seen The Office?  What were your favorite parts?

Take care,

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Sunday Books: Harlequin Presents

Last week my Mom was at the library and they had a card table set up with a bunch of free books.  She sorted through them and picked up a couple of old Harlequin Presents novels for me.  She knows I love old romances.

I'm pretty excited for Daughter of Hassan.  I mean, read this synopsis.

Much as she loved and respected her Arab stepfather and wanted to please him, Danielle was horrified to learn he was arranging a marriage for her, Arab fashion, to his nephew, Jourdan. 
Danielle refused outright.  And meeting Jourdan only confirmed her decision. 
He was dashing and bold and handsome, and she soon fell in love with him, but he was a man of the East, brought up to think of a woman's place as within palaces walls.  Marriage to such a man could only eventually destroy her.

So dramatic, right?  Can't wait to check these out!

Take care,

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Doing Some Doodling

I've been doing my best to clean out my desk, clean out my closet, and just minimize my belongings in general.  It's easy when it comes to books (I donate the ones I've read to the library) and clothes (I donate the ones I've outgrown to Salvation Army) but it's harder with personal things!

I found some old sketchbooks that I was working on last summer and it's been fun to page through them.  I found this little doodle that I wanted to share!

Haha!  It's a self portrait of me when I had short hair.  It must be from a day when I worked because the royal blue collared shirt is my old work uniform.

Take care,

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Photo Friday: Preparing for November

Happy Friday & Welcome back to my blog!  I'm here with another photo Friday post with little snapshots that I've taken throughout the past 2 weeks.

On Saturday, my friend Chelsea and I took her baby to central market downtown.  It was a lot of fun and little Lucas was fascinated by his new surroundings.  I got a biscotti at market and ate it for breakfast the next day and it was quite delicious!

On Friday, I was listening to my Counting Crows Pandora station when Pat came over.  I was listening to it again on Saturday before work and seriously... this song.

Goofing around before work on Monday.  I love to make little collages on my phone to post on my Instagram account.

I got a new candle at Marshall's the other day and it makes my home smell so cozy.  My parents don't  like "scents" though, so I'll have to move it up to my room today. haha

I honestly just really love my moleskins's aesthetic. haha

I had to go to the post office the other day to ship something that I sold on eBay.  I also had to buy some new stamps to mail some Etsy orders.  Go Wonder Woman!

I've been reading Crossing Over for the past 2 weeks.  I finally finished it and posted my book review on Wednesday. :)

That's all for this week.

Take care,

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Some Must-Haves for Halloween Mail

Happy almost Halloween!  Ok.  That might be a bit premature.  But I don't care because I'm excited!  One of my favorite things about different holidays is different excuses to send Halloween Mail Art to People.

Exhibit A:  Some of my Halloween mail that I received last year.  Ok, ok.  It's a card that one of my grandmothers sent me.  haha

Exhibit B:  Some of the Halloween mail that I sent last year!

That's right!  I made a Halloween zine last year.  If you're interested in getting a copy of your own, check out my shop.

But there are also some Halloween Cards (Similar to some Valentine's, huh?) that you can send out.  I enjoy these greeting cards because they are deliciously spooky.  I especially like the typography on the Trick Or Treat card.

Or you can decorate your mail with stickers like these ones or these ones.  I find these ones pretty funny because of their goofy faces.

Or what about some Halloween Washi Tape? haha.  I love these colors and I love these designs.  I think I'm going to have to purchase these tapes to use on my mail art pieces during this time of year.

Do you send mail around the holidays?  What is your favorite way to decorate your mail art envelopes?

Take care,