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A New Printable in the Shop: Good Vibes Journal Cards for your Organizer, Diary, or Bullet Journal

Happy Thursday! It's been a long week so I am definitely glad that Friday is on the horizon. I had some time on Tuesday to finish my Journal Cards Printable and listed it in the shop. Check them out below!

The reason I created them is because I like for my journals to be a mix & match of handwritten words, pictures, collages, and more.

To see them in action click here!

This is a copy of the printed out PDF before I used my paper cutter to trim them and cut them apart.

I've been needing some extra positivity in my day to day life. It's not that anything is wrong necessarily but I'm just feeling a little lost, like I'm not sure what my next step should be. I'm hoping that these journal cards will uplift my spirits a little bit when I look in my notebook.

Yours truly,
Marian Elizabeth
to keep up to date with all my latest ramblings! :)

A New Look for My Etsy Shop - March 2018

Hello friends! I took a course last fall called Passive Income with Printables by Michelle Rohr and this week she created a private facebook group for students of the course. I've been dabbling in designing printables since then so I think the Facebook group will definitely motivate me to keep developing my abilities and coming up with ideas for new products for my etsy shop.

That also made me realize that it might be time to spruce up the ole shop! My new design/listing photos feature a lot of white because I'm going for a clean, crisp look.

I created my header in Canva using their etsy header template, along with some graphics that I purchased for Etsy. Canva is super helpful because otherwise I probably wouldn't have the correct dimensions for my header! They have a lot of helpful templates.

Then I spent some time scanning the covers of my zines so that I could create clean front photos for my etsy listings.

It took a majority of Saturday but I'm glad with how it all turned out. I've been wanting to consolidate my shop for a while. There are some listings that I combined to make packages and other listings that I deactivated because I want to take some time to redevelop and remarket them.

It took the majority of my Saturday but I'm glad it's done. My puppy Hazel sat next to me on the couch and drifted in and out of sleep while I worked. She's 16 weeks now and becoming quite a handle so it was nice of her to let me have some time to work.

If you don't follow her on Instagram, you definitely should! Haha. I might be biased but she's pretty flipping cute. She's at Hazel_the_shichon

If you're not an instagram person, here's a recent photo of her from when we went on a walk this week.

I'm completely obsessed. Haha.

Yours truly,
Marian Elizabeth
to keep up to date with all my latest ramblings! :)

A Puppy Portrait Session

On Sunday night my Mom came downstairs to quite the sight. I was sitting in a chair with Hazel perched in my lap and we were smiling for the camera. Or at least I was. Hazel was squirming and hungrily eating pieces of Pupperoni out of my hand.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

Well, since my brother Brendan was home for a few days before moving to Los Angeles, he had all of his fancy camera equipment at home so we decided to do some photos with the pup. And they turned out pretty darn great!

First, Hazel and I. My life has completely changed since we brought her home at the end of December. She makes me smile every day.

Next, Brendan and Hazel. He only met her last month because he was still living in Philly when we got her but he's completely smitten with her, even though he's kind of allergic.

My Dad and Hazel! He's completely smitten with her as well. And he just might be Hazel's favorite considering the fact that he always gives her a taste of peanut butter when he eats his apple & peanut butter every night.

And last but not least, the pizza princess herself! She was squirming a lot so I can't believe we got this shot. Haha. This pizza squeaker toy that we got from Target is one of her favorites.

That's all for today. I'll have another post coming up in the next couple of days where I'll share a few words on the books and movies that I took in this month.

Yours truly,
Marian Elizabeth
to keep up to date with all my latest ramblings! :)

P.S. All photos were taken by my twin brother Brendan Krick. He left for LA this morning so wish him luck! :)

A New Zine In The Shop! 2018 12 Month Reading Log For Tracking the Books You Read This Year

Good morning friends! I hope you have all been having a nice weekend. Mine has been both busy and relaxing. On Friday I went to dinner with some old work friends and we had a great time! On Saturday my brother came home for the weekend and I spent the day with my family as well as worked on a new product for my Etsy shop.

Let me tell you a little more about it! :)

I created this little reading log/journal because my reading goal for the year is to read 52 books and I want to keep track of them so that I can also post reviews of them online. Each log has a page for each of the 12 months as well as a place to keep track of the notes of things you want to remember.

Since it's already the middle of  February, I am working on filling my reading log in for January as well as for what I've read so far in February.

If you're a reader, I hope that you check my new reading log out. Hopefully it will be an easy way to keep track of what you read during the year!

Yours truly,
Marian Elizabeth
to keep up to date with all my latest ramblings! :)

Freebie Friday: Valentine's Day Printable Cards for your Friends & Family

Happy Friday! Today is a special day. Not only is it January 26th, but it's also my 26th birthday! Eep. Everyone who is older than me keeps telling me how young I am but I'm not sure. 26 is awfully close to 30. Haha.

It's almost February and I've been having fun getting in the mood for Valentine's Day. This week I'm sharing some printable cards that you can download and print out for your friends and family members.

To download these printable cards, click here!

I took off work today so that I could relax and spend some time writing. My twin brother is coming home for the weekend so I need to clean up the spare bedroom too. Have a wonderful day everybody!

Yours truly,
Marian Elizabeth
to keep up to date with all my latest ramblings! :)

A Single Lady's Guide to Valentine's Day (Illustrated Comic)

Guess what, friends? I got a pretty sweet bonus at work this past week. And when I say pretty sweet I mean VERY sweet. Most of the money has gone into my savings account so that I can put it toward a future down payment on a house, but I did use a little bit on a treat for myself.

I got a Wacom drawing tablet so that I can continue to develop my art in 2018.  It's been a lot of fun trying it out and I love that I can use it to draw right in Adobe Illustrator.

I created the following illustration because I've been feeling melancholy about that fact that I'm going to be single on Valentine's Day this year.
Haha. I thought it was cute at least.  My new puppy Hazel is definitely going to be my Valentine this year.

If you'd like to see the tablet that I bought, click here! I am not really a tech savvy person and I find it very user friendly.

Yours truly,
Marian Elizabeth
to keep up to date with all my latest ramblings! :)

My January 2018 Library Book Haul

Hello friends! It's been over a week since I last posted on this here blog and the new year has happened, so Happy New Year! I hope things are going well for you. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed right now with balancing all the different things going on in my life right now, but the year is definitely off to a good start!

I had the chance to stop by the library after work, right before the beginning of January. I love to stock up on a stack of good books and work my way through them throughout the month. The goal for this month is (I'm slightly embarrassed to say) shorter reads. I did not make my goodreads reading challenge for last year and I'm hoping to start this year off on a better foot!

Here's what I found (genres will be marked in parenthesis):

  1. The Boy is Back by Meg Cabot (Adult)
  2. This One Summer (YA/Graphic Novel)
  3. P.S. Longer Letter Later  by Paula Danziger and Ann M Martin (Middle Grade)
  4. The Secret Life of Mary Anne Spier by Ann M Martin(Middle Grade)
  5. Kristy at Bat by Ann M Martin (Middle Grade)
  6. Mystery of Crocodile Island by Carolyn Keene

Maybe reading children's books for my reading challenge is cheating? What do you think?

But to me, cheating seems like a harsh word. I consider it research because I am currently working on my own middle grade book series about a group of friends in middle school. Any book I read helps me work on the characterization for the friends I am writing about!

Have you been to the library lately? If so, what have you been reading lately?

Yours truly,
Marian Elizabeth
to keep up to date with all my latest ramblings! :)