5 Ways to Document (and Organize) Your Ideas

Hello readers! I'm going to make an assumption about you. Is that ok? I'm going to assume that you're visiting my blog because you're living a creative life and you're looking for tips on how to stay creative, organized, and productive with all of your pursuits.

Something that creative people have in bulk is ideas! This blog post is meant to share the top 5 ways that I document my ideas, so that I don't forget them and can use them in the future.

1.  Notebook

This is probably the most traditional way to keep track of your thoughts, goals, stories ideas, etc.  It doesn't matter whether you write in a speckled composition book or a moleskin notebook.  As long as you get your ideas down!

2.  iPhone Notes

I like this method for when I'm on the go or for when something funny happens to me and I want to remember it.

Exhibit A:

3.  Google Docs

Google is my favorite way to do email, and it's also one of my favorite ways to stay organized!  You can create a different document for every project you're working on.  It's great for school, work, and your own personal writing.

4.  Evernote

Evernote can be a more concise way to track different things.  I keep evernote saved on my macbook and I mostly use it for blog ideas, but also for book ideas.

Exhibit B:

5.  Index Cards

Sometimes I use index cards to track the different chapters of the book I am writing!  It can be a good way to divide up your writing sessions.

Exhibit C:

Tell me in the comments... how do you store your ideas?

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