Aug 24, 2015

Monday Musings

Something that I spend a lot of time thinking about is "writing what you know".

I know you can't write completely what you know, because if you did, people from your real life would call you out on it.  I think that's why there's that disclaimer at the beginning of books about how if any characters or events seem similar to those in real life, it's purely coincidental.

But is it?

I don't know! haha But over the years I have realized that while research is the key to any well-crafted story, it's also nice to write about things that you are familiar with.  For instance, in my upcoming twin series, I loosely base the relationship that the twins have with each other off of the relationship I have my own twin brother.

It's fun to write about things that happen to them that may or may not have happened to my brother and I when we were in middle school!

Do you find that any of your characters share similarities with you?

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