Aug 22, 2015

Saturday Six

1.  There's a bunch of great new releases on Netflix right now!  Some movies I have been watching lately are Welcome to Me, The Skeleton Twins, For a Good Time Call, Staten Island Summer. Basically everything I mentioned in my "writing avoidance" post I mentioned the other day. lol

2. How Old do YA Characters Look?  This was a fun experiment by the bloggers over at Forever Young Adult.  It definitely makes you think differently about the shows that you watch.

3.  Apparently Awkward will be back on August 31, 2015.  Yay!  Awkward is definitely one of my favorite guilty pleasure shows.

4.  A cool interview of a children's book author by Mandy Wallace.

5.  I still like this blog post by Liz Reinhardt.  I read a lot of her books and find her thoughts on writing inspiring.

6.  An interesting thought on self publishing YA books.

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