Aug 29, 2015

Saturday Six

1.  I like this HuffPost Books article by Maddie Crum about bookish back to school swag.  I was just talking to someone at work last week about how the best thing about this time of year is buying new school supplies, even if you're not even in school.

2.  I'm loving this list of book recommendations by Felicia Day.  I didn't even know she had a book coming out so I'll have to check that out.

3.  Can't wait for this Colleen Hoover release in November!

4. Rachel Rofe recommends things to do when you can't get motivated.

5.  I don't necessarily believe everything I read on Thought Catalog, but I found these writing tips pretty interesting.

6.  Love this Get That Life post about Meg Cabot on Cosmopolitan.

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