Sep 2, 2015

5 Things to Know About: The Virginity Club

5 Things To Know About The Virginity Club

1.  The Virginity Club was written by Kate Brian and was published in 2004.  I bought it at a used book sale this summer and so I read it 11 years after it came out.

2.  The story is about four best friends (along with a bunch of other classmates) who are competing for a college scholarship.  The only catch is that one must be "pure" to be in the running.  This brings up the issue of what is purity? What does it mean to be pure?  Where are the lines drawn?

3.  I liked how diverse the girls (Eva, Mandy, Debbie, and Kai) are.  They all come from different backgrounds and have their own issues that they're struggling with.  For instance, Eva has issues with her single mother.  Debbie feels parental pressure to be good at math and science and hooks up with guys to avoid it.  Mandy has her own parental issues and Kai is president of the virginity club, but may not actually be a virgin!

4.  The only thing that bothered me was that the whole thing was in third person but it changed perspectives a lot.  I found the way it was written to be a bit distracting.

5.  Honestly, I wish I had read a book like this in high school.  It's fun, has some cute moments in it, but also makes you think a lot about gender roles and how it is ok to do whatever you want with your body.  All in all, I think it sends a great message to teenage girls who read it.

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