Top Ten Tuesday

This week's Top Ten Tuesday prompt by The Broke & The Bookish is a challenging one.

10 Characters I Just Didn't Click With

1.  Tessa from The Year of the Beasts

This was a hard book to read because I kind of felt bad for Tessa (because she felt so inferior to her younger sister Lulu) but because she was so awful to Lulu, I lost almost all of my sympathy for her right away.

2.  Reece Malcolm from The Reece Malcolm List

I'm glad that Devan and Reece eventually worked things out, but their relationship was so awkward (mostly because of Reece) that it made it hard for me to read.

3.  Miles Archer from Ugly Love

I get that he's hot and he's a pilot but I honestly didn't find him all that likable.  I get that he had a lot of angst in his life from a previous relationship, but would it have hurt him to treat Tate a little better from the beginning of their tryst?

I wanted so bad to like Isla and this book but I wasn't a huge fan.  Something about her just rubbed me the wrong way.

5. Jack from The Perfect Game

Ugh.  Cassie, you could do so much better!

6. Olivia from The Opportunist


7.  Ren from Fangirl

She should appreciate her sister more. haha Cath is awesome.

8. Joe Willard from The Betsy-Tacy Series

I think I just always held a grudge against him because in my heart, Tony and Betsy belong together. haha

9. Sterling from Now & Forever

Girl needs to get her obsessiveness over her boyfriend in check!

10. Rush from Fallen Too Far

Did he give anyone else the heebie jeebies? lol

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