Oct 7, 2015

5 Things to Know About: As Cool as I Am

5 Things to Know About: As Cool as I Am

1.  As Cool as I Am was written by Pete Fromm and published in 2004.  I originally read it in January/February 2014.

2.  It's about a teenager named Lucy as she grows up in what is a bit of a dysfuntional family.  See, her Dad works in lumber and he's away most of the time for work so she spends most of the time with her Mom.  Her Mom has a secret job that she works that she's keeping a secret from Lucy's Dad, so Lucy spends a lot of time on her own, and with her best friend Kenny.  Add in growing pains and puberty and I'm sure you get the picture! lol

3.  I liked reading about Lucy's cooking hobby.  It's nice that she has her love of cooking to fall back on when her family disappoints her and boys are too much drama.  I always thought the final scene with her in the diner was a bit odd but it just goes to show that cooking is the one thing she can count on!

4.  There's a lot of sex!  It's an interesting story because it's a coming of age story for both mother and daughter.  Lainee is learning what it's like to be "single" for the first time in her adult life (although technically she's always with Lucy's Dad, Chuck) and Lucy goes through puberty and struggles with her relationship with her male best friend Kenny.

5.  The movie came out in 2013 starring Claire Danes, Sarah Bolger, and James Marsden.  I watched it on Netflix about a month ago and it's not bad.  It stays very true to the book and I really liked the actress who plays Lucy.  You really sympathize with her situation.

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