Oct 22, 2015

Book Review: Losing Control by Jen Frederick

5 Things to Know About: Losing Control

1.  This is the story of Victoria "Tiny" Corielli and her quest to take care of her mother, who is losing her battle with cancer.  Tiny is a bike courier in New York City, who also works a side job for her step brother Malcolm in order to be able to make rent and keep up with her and her mother's expenses.  While out on a side delivery one night, Tiny meets Ian Kerr, who has a special job that he needs assistance with.  But will Tiny be able to show him that she's the right one for the job?

2.  I love Tiny!  She's a really solid character with a lot on her plate.  Not only is she working around the clock but she also has been taking care of her mother for the past three years since her cancer first emerged.  The first chapter made me want to cry.  It was so sweet reading about how Tiny took such good care of her Mom.  Tiny may have gotten her nickname because she started out small, but she is also incredibly tough.

3. Ian Kerr.  What a complex character!  He's a domineering alpha male who actually has a heart.  What a treasure. haha But really, I wasn't sure if I would like him at first because he actually reminded me a lot of Christian Grey.  But Tiny really gives him a run for his money and doesn't give in to his flirtations at first, even though the two of them have incredible chemistry.  It makes for a very interesting beginning to the book.

4. I think maybe it was the older rich man/younger less experience woman relationship, but this book actually made me think of 50 Shades of Gray a lot.  Which if you're not into 50 Shades, don't get scared, because there is no BDSM and Ian is so much more respectful and kind than Christian Grey is.  He is domineering, but because Tiny always stands her ground with him, their relationship is actually pretty cute.

5. Is this story super realistic? No.  But the details in the plot (Tiny's courier job, her side jobs for Malcolm, her struggle with dyslexia) are so well written that you really get immersed in the story.

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