Oct 2, 2015

Fresh Off The Press

How weird is it to think that exactly a year ago, I was running The Westfield Inn?

It's crazy I tell you. Especially because for the month of October my boss wouldn't let me quit (I know, I'm a softie) so I was working at two different hotels!

Limited Service is a zine that I made documenting all of my stories while working at that crazy place.

I was feeling ambitious the other week while I was at Staples and decided to get some more copies of this zine printed.

You can find out more about it on etsy but some of the stories included in this hotel zine are The Nomads, What are they Doing?, Possible Prostitutes, Sex Sounds, That’s Not My Name, “You’re better than this Place”, Out of Order, Cocaine or Coffee Creamer?, Creepy Dudes, No Pool, I Feel Your Pain Bro, Wi-fi?, Eavesdropping, The Regulars, Continental, No Homo, The Quarter Jerk, It Was an Accident, Offers, Things That Make Guests Mad, Things that make Guests Glad, Clean this Up, & Quitting.

To get your own copy, click here.

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