Oct 31, 2015

Saturday Six & Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  And a very happy start to NaNoWriMo at midnight! :)

While we're waiting for the clock to strike midnight, here are the six things that I found cool this week:
  1. Backing up your work is a very important part of NaNoWriMo and Kat Mellon has a cool (and recently updated) guide for how to style your usb drive.
  2. I've loved David Este's blog ever since I read Fire Country last winter.  His blog is a wealth of inspiration and thoughts on self publishing.
  3. Thanks to twitter I found Jenny Bravo's blog which is called Blots & Plots.  She has some awesome posts on writing and self publishing as well.
  4. Have you heard of the #BookInAMonth club?  Oh my goodness.  If you read Nichole's blog post it's super inspiring.
  5. I'm still deciding if I have the money to splurge on Filmme Fatales #6. hehe
  6. How funny is Book Boy Roulette?

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