Oct 24, 2015

Saturday Six: Interesting Articles

1. I like this tweet by Kristen of She's Novel.  I find that it's pretty true.  If I read a book and enjoy it, I immediately want to go through the author's back catalog and read everything they've written.

2. This quote is dark, but I like it.

3. I enjoyed this blog post on 10 Writing Tips from NaNoWriMo.  Everybody has their own opinions when it comes to how to write and how to be productive and I like this writer's perspective.

4. Maybe it's because NaNo is coming up, but I am all about the quotes and inspiration this week. haha

5. One of my guilty pleasures is mindlessly browsing the #studyblr tag on tumblr.  But really.  Doesn't this look heavenly?

6. How cool is this collage kit by Rookie Mag?  I love their sticker designs.

Happy Saturday! :)

Take care,

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