The 8-Minute Writing Habit

Monica Leonelle is a writer who I have been inspired by since I read her first writing process book called Writer Better, Faster last winter.  I think the reason why I found it so fascinating was because not only did she give examples for how to improve your writing speeds, but she also gave examples of what worked for her, and in some cases, what didn’t work for her.  The book left me feeling inspired and in dire need of getting to my laptop and pulling out my WIP document!

Her second process book called The 8-Minute Writing Habit is also inspiring, but in different ways. Something I have always struggled with is writing consistently (whether it be a word count goal or a daily goal, basically anything of that sort!) so this book was right up my alley.

The gist of it is that by challenging yourself to write for 8 minutes every day, you are creative a writing habit for yourself.  It’s a small one of course, but a good habit is a good habit!  Over time you will get more comfortable with the 8 minutes and even want to increase your goal.  It might seem challenging at first but the best way to get started it to just sit down and do it!

I haven’t tried doing the 8 minute writing habit because right now, my goals are a little different from that.  The book still inspired me to write daily and keep my own writing habits going.  If you’re a writer who is having a little bit of trouble getting started, I would definitely suggest this book to you!

For more information on her books, visit Monica at her website and also on her goodreads page.

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