Nov 19, 2015

5 Things to Know About: Taking Control

5 Things to Know About: Taking Control by Jen Frederick

1.  This story picks up where Losing Control left off.  Ian and Tiny are blissfully in love and still dealing with the consequences of the revenge they tried to inflict on Richard Howe in the last book.  Tiny is no longer working as a bike courier and instead working as a dispatcher at a security business.  Ian is still doing… whatever business-y stuff he always does. lol I find his job interesting to read about but it definitely confuses me to the point of I have no idea what he does.

2.  While Richard Howe is an incredibly annoying character to read about, I think Jen Frederick did a really good job with the dramatic backstory between him and Ian.  Ian’s hatred for Howe really made a lot of sense when consider how much he (Ian) lost.  The ending to it all was very dramatic, but also very satisfying.

3.  So much sex!  Call me a prude, but Ian and Tiny have sex almost every other page. haha Was it enjoyable to read? Sure.  But it did get to be a bit much after a while.

4.  I’m glad that Tiny’s high school friend, Sarah, got to make an appearance in the story, even if it was just for a short amount of time.  I hate it when female character forget all about their friends once they begin a new relationship.

5.  Jake, who is Tiny’s boss and Ian’s friend, is going to get his own book!  Revealed to Him is being published at the beginning of November and I can’t wait.  Jake has an interesting business and I am certain his life will be interesting as well.

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