5,000 Words Per Hour by Chris Fox

I had no idea what I was getting into when I started reading this book.  Fun, right?  But I really enjoy books on the writing process and this showed up in the “customers also bought” section of Amazon so for a couple of bucks, I figured it was worth a shot.

To me, while this book is definitely about the writing process, it also focuses A LOT on goal setting, determination, and following through. These are all things that inspire me so I found this to be a very fascinating book.  I liked reading about Chris’s journey of self discovery because while he used the habits in this book to improve his writing (and the amount of his writing), he also used these habits to improve his health, being, and life!

I think one of the most important points he brings up is that when you make writing a priority during the day, you can do little bits of writing whenever you have spare time!  Get up fifteen minutes earlier before work to get some writing done, or even do it on your commute!  I was in awe (and smiling) when he said that he pulled out his devices and worked on his writing while riding the bus to work.  Now that’s dedication!

At this point in my amateur writing career, 5000 words seems a little daunting.  Just kidding.  It seems a lot daunting.  But this book has given me the inspiration I need to start keeping a consistent daily word count first, and then maybe cranking it up a bit in the future!

For more information on his books, check out Chris’s blog and his goodreads page.  I’ll be back soon to talk about his other book called Lifelong Writing Habit.

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P.S.  This post is pre-scheduled, obviously.  I hope you have a very wonderful Thanksgiving!  I am spending the morning with my family, eating a lovely turkey lunch, and then heading off to work for the rest of the night.  Woohoo to time & a half on holidays! haha :)

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