The Winter Workbook For Families

Hey everyone!  Welcome back to my blog.  It's time for my weekly Monday Musings post and I thought that this week I would share with you about my Winter Workbook Project.

Who is it for?

I work at a family resort where a big part of our clientele during the winter/holiday season is families with at least 1-3 kids.  It's a lot of fun when you get to interact with the kids and see them get excited about things. The Winter Workbook is a combination activity and coloring book for families to fill out together.

What's in it?

There's quite a few coloring pages.  A word search.  There are also some questions to answer as a family like What are you thankful for on Thanksgiving, what is your favorite thing about winter, what are some things you resolve to do in the new year?

Is it for sale?

Unfortunately, this one is not for sale.  It has some content submitted by my coworkers in it and so it's just for guests who are staying at the resort.  I do have another Christmas zine in my etsy shop though if you're into the holidays and like the handmade/handwritten kind of thing. lol

It's mainly aimed toward young children and their parents but isn't it kind of interesting how doodling and coloring is also becoming a more positive and more popular thing in the adult world as well?

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