Nov 7, 2015

Saturday Six: A Look Around The Internet

Happy Saturday & Welcome back to my blog!  This week I've had my head buried in my laptop while working on NaNoWriMo but here are six thing I found interesting this week.
  1. As I'm getting ready to publish my first book, I've been reading extensively on how kindle publishing with Amazon works.  I liked this post on the subject.
  2. Getting into the daily writing habit is hard!  Read this post to find out how Kristen of She's Novel did it.
  3. I love this story about how an author marketed (and therefore, sold out!) his book on twitter.
  4. This is something I tweeted the other day.  It's important to treat yourself to stay motivated! lol
  5. An example of why community is important, and helps you stay inspired!
  6. I love these bullet journal pages.  This is why I find tumblr so peaceful and calming sometimes.
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