Nov 14, 2015

Saturday Six

Happy Saturday & Welcome back to my blog! This has been another week that's been chock full of writing, courtesy of National Novel Writing Month!  If you're on a break right now from meeting your daily word count, here are six things I found interesting this week.
  1. Having trouble staying motivated during November?  Briana put together a blog post chock full of NaNoWriMo resources.
  2. I really liked Barbara Freethy's insight on the self publishing process.  I especially like what she said about the importance of having multiple books to sell.
  3. What?! J.K. Rowling is working on a children's book?  She is a lady of many mysteries.
  4. I love this.  Amazon opens it's first book store in Seattle.
  5. I read this review of Kulti on Ginger's blog last week, and oh boy!  I am definitely adding it to my TBR list.
  6. How did I not know Saved By The Bell was a comic book?  haha Even as a fan I have to admit these are pretty bad.
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