Nov 21, 2015

Saturday Six

Happy Saturday & Welcome back to my blog!  This week I am going to highlight six book reviews that I enjoyed reading.  Sometimes I like to give books to people for Christmas and since I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet (oh my!) it's time for me to start doing my research.
  1. How To Be Brave on Book Briefs
  2. Carry On on Reading with Jenna
  3. Things I Can't Explain on Forever Young Adult
  4. Changing His Game on Alexa Loves Books
  5. The Girl on the Train on Paper Riot
  6. Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate
Oh who am I kidding?  This is more a list of books I would buy for myself than it is a list of books I would buy for other people.  But that's ok.  What books are you excited about as the holiday season approaches?

Take care,

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