Book Review: AVA XOX

1.  AVA XOX is the third book in the Ava and Pip series by Carol Weston.  Written in journal format, it's the story of 5th grader Ava as she deals with various issues in her life.  This book talks about Valentine's Day (and boys), the importance of language, as well as body image and acceptance.

2.  Confession:  I have not read the first two books in the series.  But that did not stop me from loving Ava from the get go!  She's adorable, from her loathing of meatless mondays to her obsession with palindromes and other word choices.  She gets herself into a bit of trouble in this book, but clearly her heart is always in the right place.

3.  I love the sister relationship between Ava and Pip.  They're separated in age by two years so even though they go through similar situations, they're clearly in different life stages.  They get along for the most part but of course they have rifts every now and then.  One of the funniest scenes is when Pip takes 2 pieces of gum from Ava's night stand and Ava freaks out on her because that gum was a GIFT from CHUCK. haha

4.  The diversity.  I enjoyed how there were casual mentions of different ages, different races, different sexualities.  I wish I had read a book series like this when I was Ava's age.  Very good representation of what the world is really like.

5.  I like the friendship between Ava and Chuck.  It's very realistic and it made me laugh at the end when he admitted that he wasn't even sure how he became Kelli's boyfriend in the first place.  The agreement that he and Ava came to at the end was cute.  I think it's important in middle grade books to show that boys and girls can be friends.

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