On Dinners, Parties, and Reading

It is the Monday before Christmas and I could not be more excited.

There's so much to look forward to this week.  The front desk Christmas Dinner is tomorrow and we're going to the Lancaster Brewing Company.  My Aunt & Uncle having a Christmas party on Wednesday for the whole extended family.  On Thursday I work and get to spend the night partying with my Mom, Dad, and brothers.  And on Friday I get to wake up and celebrate Christmas with the family and then head off to work (where we get paid time and a half since it's a holiday!).  Not to mention a possible bowling date being rescheduled for after Christmas.

I also have some good books I'm reading like Girls' Guide to Moving On and Finding Hope.

And as far as projects go I am working on a new zine as well as writing a serial that I'm hoping to publish the first of in the next six months.  Plus there's the second drafts to work on of the two books I wrote in 2015.

I've always got a lot on my plate.  But that's how I like it.

Take care,

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