Monday Musings

Can you believe that by the end of this week, it will be 2016?

Wtf.  Honestly.

I mean that in the best possible way though.  2015 was filled with all kinds of challenging, fun, and new experiences.  Some of them were good and others were not so good.  But you know what?  I survived.  It's all good.

For the past couple of years I haven't really constructed many New Year's Resolutions.  In 2014 I challenged myself to do more things that scared me (check!) and in 2015 I challenged myself to try more new things (check!).  I don't have a goal for the new year yet but here are some things that I would like to do.

1.  Write at least 500 words every day.
2.  Publish 1 new zine every month.
3.  Self publish Make Me Believe on Amazon this year.
4.  Keep improving my drawing/art skills.
5.  Read at least 52 books during the year.

There.  Those are a bit challenging, but hopefully not too challenging.  What are some things that you hope to accomplish in 2016?

Take care,

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