Writing Tips: 25 Quirky Hobbies for Potential Characters

1. Taking care of succulents.
2. Dog Walking
3. Playing the cello
4. Karaoke
5. Writing letters to the editor
6. Sending mail art
7. Writing slam poetry.
8. Impersonating other people.
9. Sewing doll clothes.
10. Delivering groceries to elderly people.
11. Playing board games.
12. Chatting with strangers online.
13. Farmville.
14. Baking vegan desserts.
15. Delivering pizzas.
16. Reading Craigslist missed connections
17. Posting Craigslist missed connections
18. Video blogging.
19. Leading a scout troop.
20. Playing badminton.
21. Concocting strange recipes in the kitchen.
22. Solving sudoku puzzles.
23. Making candles.
24. Talking on the phone and overanalyzing life.
25. Looking for loose change on the ground.

It's usually the unique character traits that draw me into a character's story.  I love learning about their interests and bizarre hobbies.  There are 25 that I can think of for now, but there's more where that came from!

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  1. Ooo Marian ... tame! My ex-husband collected- wait for it- airline nausea bags. He was prone to (24), once bought 4 fake leather coats from a conman in a shopping centre, opted into a pay-as-you-go pizza program, (even though he hates pizza) from a young woman because he felt *sorry* for her. Hurumph. Fancied her more like. He once told a local radio DJ who randomly called local numbers, inviting respondents to repeat the station's catchphrase for a $1000 prize, crisply ' I am busy. Go away'. I could go on!