5 Things to Know About: Bookishly Ever After

1.  Bookishly Ever After is the first book in the Ever After series by Isabel Bandeira.  It's about a book reading, sock knitting, flute playing high school student named Phoebe. And Phoebe has a situation on her hands.  Thanks to her not-so-helpful friend Em, she has developed a crush on fellow band member Dev.  The only problem is, she has no idea how to interact around boys.  She uses her favorite books as inspiration for how to dress, how to act, and how to flirt.  But as her plan becomes more and more complicated, will she be able to stay true to herself?

2.  Phoebe is a real card.  I like that she has so many introverted hobbies because honestly, that's not something I see a lot in YA fiction.  Phoebe is perfectly content with her books, her knitting, and her flute playing but she also has friends like Em, Alec, and Grace who balance her out.  It makes for an interesting premise.

3.  Love, love, love Phoebe's group of friends.  We're introduced to her lunch table in the beginning (Her over-dramatic best friend Em, Cheerleader Grace, and game enthusiast Alec) and they're a fun, supportive group.  I like the fact that as characters, they're not just there.  They all serve a purpose in Phoebe's story and help her along the way.

4.  Near the end of the book, Phoebe goes to camp for a week to work as an archery counselor.  Some of the scenes with her campers were just too funny.  I love a good camp story and so it was funny that a part of this book was like that.

5.  I don't know if this books is actually long (goodreads says it has 350 pages) but the story dragged a little bit for me.  I think that was the point but as I kept reading about the flirtation between Phoebe and Dev I was like, "OMG JUST KISS ALREADY!" haha.

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I received this ebook in exchange for an honest review, thanks to Netgalley!

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