5 Things to Know About: The Hidden Staircase

1.  The Hidden Staircase is book #2 of Nancy Drew Mystery Stories by Carolyn Keene.  This book tells the story of Nancy as she helps her friend Helen solve the mystery of who is robbing Helen's relative's old mansion.

2.  I know they're corny and dated, but I can't help it.  I love these books.  There's nothing quite like curling up in bed on a Winter afternoon with a cup of coffee and a mystery novel.  (These are the only mysteries I can handle.  Real mystery novels are too scary, obviously.)

3.  I like the friendship between Nancy and Helen.  The author makes a point of mentioning that Helen is a few years older than Nancy a couple of times and it makes me wonder how they met.  Maybe they tell us in the first book.  I haven't read the first one yet because the library didn't have it in stock.

4.  Nancy is a fun role model for kids because she's so fearless!  However, her fearlessness is also kind of silly.  Like when she sees a rough looking guy standing by her car and decides to chase him. Um, ok Nancy.  Are you trying to get killed?

5.  It makes me literally laugh out loud how bad things happen and then Nancy goes to the police. They give her some pointers, she says ok.  Then she goes off to continue solving the mystery and the Police are like, "Ok, call us if you need any help."  What?  What kind of Police Force is that laid back with a crime fighting eighteen year old girl?

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  1. I really love the Nancy Drew books too! Number #5 though, lol, that's pretty accurate to all the books!

    1. haha Thanks for commenting, Dana. I'm still working my way through some of the books but I've given up reading them in order.