Be Mine: A fill-in-the-blank Mini Zine

Valentine's Day is coming up!  I probably shouldn't be as excited as I am, considering the fact that I am single.  But hey.  You don't have to be in a relationship to enjoy Valentine's day.  You can use it as a day to enjoy all of the lovely people you have in your life.

That's why I created this mini zine.  Be Mine is a zine that you can give to your friends, siblings, parents, grandparents, significant other, strangers, or even to that cute human you have been admiring but are too nervous to talk to.

Be Mine: A fill-in-the-blank Mini Zine

On the inside are some brief prompts that you fill out to fit the person who you are sending it to.  It's meant to be a fun way to appreciate all of your friends and miscellaneous loved ones.

While taking the photograph above, I realized that conversation hearts are not quite what they used to be.

I do like the one that says "wink wink" though. Haha.  Very flirty.

Take care,

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