Degrassi Next Class: Season 1

As a long time Degrassi fan, here are some of my thoughts on Degrassi: Next Class, which is available for streaming on Netflix right now.


Ok.  Now that that's done. :)  Let's get started.

1.  Concepts
  • Feminism
    • This issue was handled in a couple of ways.  I loved how Goldi taught Maya about feminism.  Great plot.  I also like how one of Maya's songs became one of the clubs anthems.  It's important for teens to learn about these issues.
  • Gay/Lesbian Relationships
    • Two of the big plots were Tristan's STD (which he wound up not actually having) and Zoe & Grace getting together.  Zoe & Grace's plot was a powerful one because while heartbreaking, it also seemed very realistic.
  • Anxiety
    • Anxiety is a big issue that a lot of people face and so I liked watching Miles trying to self medicate before seeking real help.  Anxiety is a serious issue that can be handled in so many different ways.
  • STD's
    • Tristan's STD was a big deal, but also not a big deal.  It's important to see an actual doctor before going on WEB MD.  (Although I think we're all guilty of this sometimes. lol)
  • Violence in Schools
    • I feel really unresolved about this issue given the way the season ended.  Hunter is clearly unstable and I hate his character so I hope that he gets carted away to a mental hospital or something.
  • Music
    • I think Maya is incredibly talented and has a very pretty singing voice, but I got tired of hearing her sing the same songs in every. single. episode. #sorrynotsorry.  The same thing happened with Studz in seasons past of Degrassi.  Sure, having a musical plot line is fun and all.  But the songs get boring very quickly.
2.  Couples I Like
  • Maya and Zig
    • I'm not sure why, but I just find them completely adorable.  They're very different and it's nice to see how they make the differences work in their relationship.  It was so funny when Zig was cheering for Maya when she was playing in the bar.
  • Zoe and Grace
    • I ship them so hard.  It COMPLETELY broke my heart to see things fall apart for them.  I really hope they'll be able to salvage their friendship but I seriously doubt it, considering that this is Degrassi.
  • Tristan and Miles
    • I honestly missed all last season so I've never seen them be a "couple".  However... Watching them reunite as friends at the end of this season made me smile.  It's obvious they aren't over each other.  Here's hoping things don't work out for Miles at boarding school and he comes back to Degrassi real quick.
  • Lola and Tiny
    • They are adorable.  That is all.
  • Tiny and Shay
    • They WERE adorable.  It makes me sad that the only way for them to get together at this point would be if he and Lola broke up.  And since Shay and Lola are best friends, that would be awful.
  • Frankie and Jonah
    • I can't handle how cute they are.  When Jonah left her those flowers for her at her locker and didn't even say a single thing.  So sweet.
3.  Couples I Don't Like
  • Frankie and Winston (Or Frankston... *barf*)
    • I've never liked Winston.  Sorry Winston.
  • Miles and Esme
    • Esme is very unstable and an enabler.  Whoever plays her is an excellent actress, though.
  • Triston and Vijay
    • That was weird right off the bat.  And when Vijay bursts in to the student council meeting to demand what kind of STD Tristan gave him?  So funny.
  • Zoe and Zig
    • No.  No no no.  No.
4.  Things I Want to See Incorporated Into Next Season
  • I want Miles to come back from boarding school real fast.
  • I want Frankie and Jonah to keep being cute.
  • I want Maya and Zig to get back together.
  • I want Shay's parents to let her date.
  • I want more of The Feminist Club.  So awesome.
  • I want Principal Simpson to be featured more.  He was so funny in the parent/teacher conference with Mile's Mom.
  • Less Hunter.  Less Gamer Club.  I hated that plot and I hate all those characters.
Alright.  Those are my thoughts.  Care to share yours?

Take care,

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