Erotica For Your Field

Two things happened at work the other day.

1.  Due to a series of unfortunate computer related incidents, I found out from our IT guy that everything we type into the computers at work is tracked.
2.  I admitted to my coworker, O, that during NaNoWriMo I wrote a lot of my novel on the work computers through google drive.

O doesn't really know that I like to write so he was surprised.  "What are you writing?"  He kept asking.  "What is your book about?"

I don't really like to tell people (besides my blog readers, and everyone else on the internet) that I write contemporary young adult/new adult fiction so I just made up an answer.

"Oh, I don't want to jinx it."  I said.  "Wait until I'm finished writing it."

But that wasn't a good enough answer for him.  He kept asking.  So I made up another answer.

"You know."  I whispered.  "Erotica."

We had a good laugh over that.  He said that he didn't believe me.  He said that I didn't seem like the type.  But I pointed out to him that it's always the people you don't expect who write erotica.  He agreed.

"I'm going to ask [IT guy] to track your keystrokes."  O said.  "He'll be able to tell me what your books is about."

"Fine."  I shrugged my shoulders.  "Tell him to search for the keyword PENIS.  And QUIVER."

We had a good laugh over that, too.  We stood there at the front desk, hunched over our computers and laughing hysterically.

That's when I came up with the idea.  I suggested to O that we create a shared google drive document and write a piece of erotica in it so that we could shock our IT guy.  We didn't want to lose our jobs.  We just wanted to shock whoever was watching us.

"It will be like a telenovela."  O said.  "It will take place in a hotel.  With catatonic twins."

Haha.  Oh goodness.  It's fun when you can joke around about things with your coworkers.

Take care,

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