Introduction to The Amelia Chronicles

I think we can all agree that college can be one of the craziest times in a young adult's life!  Things like new classes, new friends, and new living situations can be fun and exciting.  But they can also be a great deal of stress.

It's been five years since I was a freshman in college.  And if I'm being completely honest, I miss those days.  So a few weeks ago I was re-reading my old journals from freshman and sophomore years and decided that I wanted to revisit them.  And that's how The Amelia Chronicles was born.

What is it?

The Amelia Chronicles is a story that I'm going to publish as a serial, because that's something I've always wanted to try.  I'm not sure yet whether I will self publish it or post it sporadically on my blog. To be determined.

What is it about?

Our protagonist Amelia is 18 years old and a freshman in college.  This serial starts right before the first day of school.  Book 1 will follow her through her first week of the first semester.

When will Book 1 be finished?

I'm not sure yet.  I'm currently writing it, slowly but steadily.  So we'll see.  I'm hoping to have it up by March.

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