Jan 4, 2016

Monday Musings

New year.  New me.  New Notebooks.  Amirite?

My current bullet journal is still only about halfway done so I'll have to wait to start using this pretty yellow moleskine notebook.  But I started my new planner last week and just adore it.  The layout is different from last year's action book but change can be good.  Sometimes it's nice to mix things up.

So now I have 3 different journal-y type notebooks going on.

  1. My bullet journal (I use this Moleskine Classic Notebook)
  2. My daily planner
  3. My outline book

Because I'm a nerd, I was pretty excited that my new planner had pages for the last week of December.  That meant that I got to start using it a week earlier!  I got this spiral bound one at T.J. Maxx for just a couple of dollars so that was a great deal.

Happy New Year & Happy Planning!

Take care,

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