Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke & The Bookish.  This week I am going to talk about my bookish New Year's resolutions

1.  Do not buy any new books until February.

This one is serious guys!  Do not let me buy any new books (hard copies or kindle copies) until February.  I have more than enough on my plate right now. haha

2.  Read at least 10 books this year that are already waiting for me on my kindle.

Remember this post?  *awkward laugh*  That's right.  New year means it's time to get started.

3.  Review 10 books from netgalley.

I think I did close to this last year, but I definitely want to reach this goal this year.  It's important to support authors and review their books because reviews are what help them grow/gather attention for their books.

4.  Read 5 paranormal romances.

When I read, I mainly choose contemporary fiction.  But I did read some of the Anita Blake novels in high school (oh god...) and really enjoyed them.  So I want to branch out this year and try some more paranormal reads.  Any recommendations?

5.  Read 20 new zines.

People who look at my blog know that I love making zines, but it's also important to read them too!  I mainly read perzines and these are some of the ones I've been admiring on etsy.

6.  Read for at least 15 minutes every day.

This shouldn't be too hard.  I always get up earlier than needed for work so that I can have some computer time, but I can use that as reading time instead.

7.  Remember to post my monthly reading updates on this blog here.

I love reading the book lists that Sushi puts on her blog and that's something I would like to try to do, too.

8.  Read more middle grade fiction.

Because nostalgia is awesome.  And books for kids are fun. :)

9.  Keep my goodreads profile up to date.

I love tracking my reading progress on there but I've been slipping a bit this year.

10.  Read at least 52 books this year!

That was my goodreads reading goal last year and I'm sticking with it.  :)

What are some of your bookish new year's resolutions?

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  1. All of your resolutions are things I'd like to work on as well. I just started NetGalley reading this year, and now that I've finished my first book, I have to make myself sit down and do this review. We'll see how this goes. Good luck!

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  2. Great list of resolutions! I hope that you resist the temptation of buying books. It's so hard whenever you walk into a Barnes and Noble and want to buy every single book. Good luck with your book goal this year!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  3. Oh you're goal of not buying new books until February is such a good one. If I don't read a book soon after I buy it I just forget I have it altogether.

  4. Good luck on completing all of your 2016 goals!
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