10 Facts About Get Over It

1.  Get Over It is the first book in The Amelia Chronicles.
2.  I listened to the song Get Over It by Ok Go while writing this book.
3.  According to Amazon it is roughly 60 pages, so it's a quick read.  You could probably knock it back in a couple of hours depending on how fast you read.
4.  It's my first published work.
5.  Some things about Mortimer University are slightly based off my own alma mater.
6.  They have a Sheetz in Mortimer because I myself am a huge fan of Sheetz and all their delicious MTO items.
7.  I kind of think Amelia and Andy would be cute together.  When you read it, tell me what you think!
8. Betsy has issues with Ariel's snoring and that is something I experienced with a roommate, senior year of college.  I eventually had to move out after 1 month.
9.  The characters complain about dining hall food, but in all honesty, I think dining hall food is the best.
10.  The second book of the series, Welcome Back, is coming soon!

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