Writing Tips: 25 Interesting Jobs for Potential Characters

+ Administrative Assistant
+ Dog walker
+ Nanny
+ Front Desk Agent
+ Barista
+ Small business owner
+ Professional blogger
+ NYT bestselling author
+ Librarian
+ Paralegal
+ Nurse
+ Wedding Planner
+ Restaurant Manager
+ Pizza Delivery Driver
+ Mailman/Mailwoman
+ Housekeeper
+ Chemist
+ Salesman/woman
+ Cook
+ Gas station clerk
+ Bed & Breakfast owner
+ Server at a cafe
+ Stay at home parent
+ Reservationist
+ Book store clerk

I think it's important for characters to have interesting backgrounds and unique stories. And since work takes up 40 hours of our weeks (usually), it's important for them to have interesting careers too. Do you have any that you would add to the list?

For the most part, these are jobs that I think would have interesting people watching/interesting stories to go along with it.

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