Journal Answers: Valentine's Day

Hey everyone!  I'm back this afternoon with answers to my journaling questions from the day before. Here's a quick look.

1. When you were a kid, did you make your Valentines or did you buy them?

It was different every year.  When I was younger I loved the fold in half Valentines you would buy at CVS to give to all your classmates.  As I grew older I liked to flex my creative muscles and do my own thing.  (The picture above is of some Valentine postcards that I collaged a few years ago.

2. Did you celebrate at school?  If so, how?

We always had a party at school with food and candy and valentines that you would stuff into everybody's mailboxes.  It sure is different now.  The 7 year old that I nannied for last year wasn't even allowed to bring food to his Valentine's Day Party due to food allergies. :/

3. What is your favorite kind of candy?

Any Reese's product.

4. If you're in a relationship, how do you plan to celebrate this year?

I am single a.f. unfortunately.

5. If you're single, how do you plan to celebrate this year?

Most likely working and binging on sweets and having fun with my coworkers.

6. Do you send out Valentines?

But of course!  To my grandmothers, my mom, my friends, and my pen pals. Girls rule.

7. What is one fond memory you have of a Valentine's Day in the past?

There was this one Valentine's day party in elementary school when this kid Trey's Mom made everybody english muffin pizzas and she was basically a hero.

8. Who is your celebrity crush?

Ryan Gosling.

9. Who is your favorite fictional couple?

Lorelei Gilmore & Luke Danes.

10. Which real life couple do you admire?

My mom and dad.  They curse with each other.  They laugh with each other.  They have it all, and it's great.

Take care,

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