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I was at this store over the weekend called 2nd & Charles in Harrisburg.  It was really neat!  It's a store that sells used books, used dvd's, and used music.  It's quite a big place so there was a lot of media to look at.

The shelves were stocked really well with all kinds of fun things and so I had a lot of fun looking through the young adult and kid's fiction sections.  I went up on a ladder at one point so that I could see something closer, and that's when I saw it.  They had 3 copies of Rockstar Superstar on the highest shelf.  That's one of my favorite Blake Nelson books so I held my hand up and gave the store a virtual high five.

But that got me thinking about my favorite books that have to do with bands and music.  Music is always a fun thing to read about.  I narrowed it down to these 5.

1.  Rock Star Superstar by Blake Nelson

This is a fun book about Pete.  He's your typical high school kid.  He plays in a jazz band at his school. This book follows him through his first love with an alternative girl named Margaret and through his musical journey as he goes from just playing in jazz band to making real music with bands.

2.  The Disenchantments by Nina Lacour

This is a really fun read because it focuses on the friendship between Colby and Bev, as they go on tour with Bev's band.  It's fun reading about the different places that they go and the book has a really cool PNW vibe.

3.  Girl by Blake Nelson

One of my absolute favorites.  Tells the story of Andrea as she is introduced to the Portland music scene in the 90's.  By far the best parts are any scene having to do with Cybil (Andrea's friend) and any scene having to do with a show.  Andrea goes to a lot of punk/alternative shows and they're fun to read about.

4.  Reunited by Hilary Weisman Graham

Reunited is exactly what it sounds like.  Three best friends get together again to go see a concert of one of their favorite bands.  They get into a lot of trouble and hijinks, obviously.

I really like this book, even though it breaks my heart at times.  Tells the story of Elise, a girl who has some troubles and works through them by practicing to become a DJ.  Pretty cool, right?

That's all for now.  Do you have any books about musicians/music that you would recommend?  Let me know in the comments.

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