My 5 Favorite Writing Utensils

1.  Sharpie Markers

I use Sharpie markers for so many different things but two of the main ones are writing on cd's and writing on magazine pages when I'm working on collages.

2.  Mechanical Pencils

I love real pencils to but I love the find precision of a mechanical pencil.  Plus I can carry it around in my purse and it won't smudge up the inside of my bag with lead.

3. Mildliners

I love these highlighters.  I first found out about them through all of the studyblr blogs that I follow on tumblr.  They're nice because they don't bleed through the page and they also come in a neat variety of colors.

4. Pilot Precise V5

I love this pen because it comes in different colors (exhibit a: my pink one ^).  It has a nice fine tip point (which I love) and dries quickly so you don't have to worry about smearing when you're writing in your journal.  I HATE smearing.  I really do.

5. Sharpie Pen

I'm sharing this one just in case you didn't think Sharpie could get any better.  It did!  Sharpie pens are great because the tips are even thinner than fine tip sharpie markers and they do not smear.  Like I said before, being non-smear is basically everything I look for in a pen.

What do you like to use?

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