On Finishing, Editing, & Wattpad

On Finishing:

Some projects that I am working on right now are Welcome Back, Family Weekend, and Thankful When it Counts.  The fun thing about working on smaller sized novellas instead of 50k+ novels is that I get to complete more works.  I like that.  It's nice to be able to finish a story arc and then move on to the next one.  For instance, once I finished book 2 of The Amelia Chronicles (Welcome Back) I then moved on to the next one (Family Weekend).

On Editing:

I'm not perfect and I know it.  I'm so incredibly guilty of throwing in extra commas wherever I please. Right now I am the sole person who is editing my work and I know that's not the best thing ever.  Does anyone have some resources for either self-editing tips or affordable editors?

On Wattpad:

I've starting posting my work on Wattpad.  I used to love posting on Fictionpress back in the day and Wattpad seems like an updated version of that.  I've only posted 1 chapter so far but you can read the beginning of Get Over It, here.

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