5 Things to Know About: How To Be Popular

1.  How to Be Popular is a young adult novel by Meg Cabot.  I was excited to find a used copy of this book at 2nd & Charles because this is one of her books that I never got to read as a teenager.

2.  This book is about Steph Landry, a teenage girl with a bit of a reputation.  See, when she was in middle school she spilled a drink of one of the most popular girls in school and that girl never let her forget, teasing her for it mercilessly over the years.  But this school year, Steph has decided that things are going to be different.  With the help of a vintage etiquette book she is going to change the social structure of her high school.

3.  While wanting to be "popular" is a silly cliche, it's also a realistic aspiration for high school students who are still trying to find themselves and figure out who they are.  I think what made this book admirable is that Steph never really lost sight of who she was.  She was always trying to do the right thing.

4.  I liked Steph's tight knit group of friends.  Jason was funny, if not a little annoying (I mean, he is a high school guy after all).  And Becca made me laugh with her scrapbooking obsession and her unseemly crush on Jason.  I always love the humorous characters Meg Cabot creates.

5.  I loved reading about the book store life.  Steph's Mom owns a book store in their town and so I thought it was fun to read about that.

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P.S.  Happy Daylight's Saving! :( HA.

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