5 Things to Know About: Iggie's House

1.  Iggie's House is a children's book by Judy Blume, published in 1970.

2.  The main premise is that Winnie's best friend Iggie's family moves away and a new family named the Garbers moves into their old house.  Winnie befriends the children who are named Glen, Herbie, and Tina but not everybody is as friendly to them.  Why?  Because it's the 70's and the Garbers are black and it is a predominantly white neighborhood.  Throughout the book Winnie learns about prejudice, keeping an open mind, and having cultural sensitivity.

3.  I like how full on angry Winnie gets with Clarice and Mrs. Landon.  It's funny how even though Winnie is only eleven years old she can see right through Mrs. Landon and gets so mad at her for being prejudiced.

4.  One of my favorite chapters was when Winnie went to the pool with her aunt.  She had a really thought provoking conversation with her gym teacher (who works as a swimming instructor) about race and I think her petition that she gave to Mrs. Landon really helped prove her (Winnie's) point.

5.  I bought this book used because I love Judy Blume and I had never had the chance to read this one when I was a kid.  Like all of her books, it's thought provoking and the characters are realistic.

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