5 Things to Know About: Join Up

1.  Lacey Strickland has the COOLEST SUMMER JOB EVER! Why's that?  Because she's teaching horseback riding at a summer camp.  Her goal is to earn enough money to pay for her first semester of university.  She knew that it was going to be a lot of work but with the camp food being bad, drama with her friend Carly, and the weird tension she has going on with Fitch (the camp owner's sun), she's in for a wild ride!

^Yes, that horse pun was very much intended.  

2.  I love summer camp stories and Join Up is no exception!  I love it all. The bunks, the campers, the bad camp food, the animals, being outside all the time, having to cram as much into your free time as you possibly can.  I miss those days.

3.  The title comes from an actual horseback riding term.  In the middle of the book, Lacey is introduced to a new horse named Night.  He hasn't been ridden in a year because he was abandoned at the summer camp by a student.  Lacey uses an activity called joining up in order to gain his trust and build a bond with him.

4.  Lacey and Fitch were really cute, but they were especially cute once they finally worked through their differences at the end of the book.  I liked them a lot.

5.  Apparently this is a book series and so some of the characters that you meet in Join Up (like Meg and Jared) have already been written about in the first two books.  I will have to check those first two books out because they seem like fun characters and I would like to know how they ended up together.

I hope there's another book because I would love to hear more about this amazing corn maze that Meg and Jared are building. Haha!

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