5 Things to Know About: Over Easy

1.  Over Easy is a graphic novel/comic by Mimi Pond.  It tells the story of Margaret (Madge), an art student who can't afford to finish school so she gets a job at the Imperial Cafe, where she meets a wide variety of new people and gathers all kinds of weird but interesting experiences.

2. This story takes place in the seventies and as someone who was not born until 1992, I really enjoyed the vibe.  There's a lot of mentions of sex, drugs, and other big subjects of the time.

3.  The characters (mostly the people who worked at Imperial) were so funny and interesting.  I liked how there was a constant coming and going.  Tony in the kitchen definitely made me laugh.  I liked how wise and thoughtful Lazlo was.  They certainly had an interesting staff.

4.  I thought it was funny how practically everyone at the restaurant dated each other.  Seriously.  If you make a chart of all of the relationships that went on between the cooks/waitresses/and dishwashers it would be very confusing (but also funny).

5.  One of my favorite parts was the Halloween poetry reading.  The costumes were humorous but so were the poems that the different employees performed.

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