5 Things to Know About: Torn Apart

1.  Torn Apart is a young adult romance novel by Janet Quin-Harkin.  It's part of a series of young adult romance novels.  You can see more of what Janet writes here.

2.  Torn Apart is about a young couple who lives(d) in Wyoming.  2 years ago Amber's family moved from New York City so that they could help her Grandpa on his farm.  Amber reunited with a boy she knew from childhood named Rich and the two started dating.  But now, Amber's Grandpa is forced to move to a warmer climate since his health is declining.  Amber's parents are offered their old jobs back in New York and so they make the executive decision to move the family back.  But what will that mean for Amber and Rich's future together?

3.  I actually enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I would!  Even though these teens are young and impulsive, they're also pretty rational for the most part and that was refreshing compared to most other young adult novels.

4.  I was a little disappointed in Amber's actions.  She made some shaky decisions that took a toll on her relationship with Rich.  And I was like, WHY?  I know she was across the country and everything but it made me sad how she really didn't have much faith in him.

5.  A big part of this book is about how Amber gets the lead in the school musical, which is Annie Get Your Gun.  At the auditions, she schools everybody on how to use a lasso and she immediately gets the part because she's so authentic.  That part made me lol, but it was also pretty cute.

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