Dorm Room Accents

1. The 52 Lists Project
2. Magical Thinking Menagerie Medallion Tapestry
3. Clear Bulb String Lights
4. Stripe Scatter Rug
5. Glitter Coaster Set
6. Raspberry Swirl Faux-Floral Arrangement

I've been thinking a lot about dorm room decor because of the serial I am writing, The Amelia Chronicles.  My main character Amelia spends quite a bit of time in the dorms.  She is in either her own room, her friends Megan and Jessica's room (who live down the hall), or her friends Ariel and Betsy's room (who live in another building).

I remember when I started my freshman year I had this really thin bedding that I bought from the school and some art posters that I got on sale at A.C. Moore.  Since this is a work of fiction I want their dorm rooms to be a lot more exciting than mine was! lol

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