Photo Friday 8

It's been so beautiful lately that I feel like maybe Spring is finally here. Every morning that I wake up (as long as I don't work first shift) I head to the back door and gaze at the backyard, trying to figure out what kind of day it will be.
This is some of my incoming mail as of lately.  The postcard is from my grandmother because she is staying in Florida with her girlfriends right now.  The rest of it is pen pal letters that I'm going to respond to shortly.
Coffee is always a must, yes?  Every morning I get up and I start the pot because I know I'm going to need a little help to jumpstart my day of working (or writing, if it's my day off).
This was my work station the other week as I worked on some projects before going to work.  I'm really trying to stay motivated on my fiction writing lately.
I read this teen romance book the other week called Torn Apart and it was surprisingly good.  It's about two teens who are separated when the guy lives in Wyoming and the girl moves to N.Y.C.  I'm planning on posting a book review soon.
The other day I was looking back through my flickr account.  I'm glad that I've documented all these pieces of mail art, collages, and other life moments over the years.  It's really fun to look back on them and see how far I've come!

Take care,

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