5 Things to Love About Gabi (From Young & Hungry)

One of my favorite shows right now is Young & Hungry.  It's the story of young woman Gabi Diamond who gets a job working as a personal chef for a very rich app developer.  To succeed at her job she must learn to get along with his other staff as well as keep her crush on her boss under control.  Seems easy, right?  Wrong!

Gabi is hilarious and she always makes me laugh with her crazy antics. Below I'm going to list 5 reasons why I think she's awesome.

She can cook.

Some of the dishes that are described on the show sound so. good.  Cooking is a skill that I really admire because I am terrible at following recipes.

She has awesome fashion sense.

Check out this look.  And this look.  I love all of her dresses, skirts, and awesome shoes.  Whoever does the wardrobe for this show is awesome.

She recovers well.

SPOILER ALERT: At the very beginning of the show she slept with her boss.  Oops!  But somehow she and Josh were able to get past it and work together professionally.  (For a while, anyway.  You'll have to watch seasons 2 & 3 to find out how that turns out).

She's not afraid to follow her dreams.  

She was offered a prestigious cooking internship (fellowship?) in Switzerland but had to leave on the night of her first date with Josh.  On one hand, this is kind of terrible, but she stood him up because she knew that if she saw/talked to him she would stay behind for a guy instead of following her dreams.

She's funny.  

This show makes me laugh so hard.  It's a wonderful pick me up when I've had a long day at work.  I just finished season 3 on Netflix and can't wait to find out what happens next.

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