Goals for the Rest of May 2016

Happy Sunday!  I'm working the morning shift at work and in between checking people out and answering phone calls I've been musing about how the month of May has been going so far.  It's been a good month.  I got to spend some time at the beach, enjoy the warming weather, write a little, read a little, and I even started dating someone new.

Sounds like a good month, right?  I think so.  But there are still a few more things that I would like to accomplish this month.

Goals for the Rest of May 2016

  1. Start editing Make Me Believe
  2. Finish my May zine release (Which is a collection of my poems from when I participated in National Poetry Writing Month last month)
  3. Keep writing!  I would like to hit 30k words for this month.
  4. Update my bullet journal daily!

I think these goals are manageable and so I'm going to write them down in my journal so that I can hopefully complete them all by the end of the month.  Do you have any goals or projects that you would like to complete by the end of the month?

Take care,


  1. sounds simple.. hope you work it out real simple :)

    just passing by

  2. Thanks! Hopefully it will be simple. haha