Out And About (With my Grandma!)

Last week I drove up to Reading, PA to see my Grandma because I hadn't had the chance to see her since Christmas.  She lives with my Aunt & Uncle and so I stopped by their house to pick her up and we had a busy afternoon!

First, we went to the new Doubletree in Reading for lunch.  They have a restaurant/bar there called Cheers.  Everyone who worked there was so nice and the food was awesome.  We had a really nice time!  We also walked around and looked at the hotel because I too work at a Doubletree and the facility is just beautiful.  Very neat!

After lunch we went to this movie theater (which I forget the name, but it was also downtown) and saw The Jungle Book.  It was a nice rendition of The Jungle Book story.  We found Baloo entertaining and thought the kid who played Mowgli was good.

Afterward we stopped by the Goggleworks Center for the Arts because my Grandma wanted to look at their gift shop.  It was really neat.  We checked that out and also walked around the main building and looked at different artists work.

On the way back to the house we stopped at Panera Bread to get some coffee (decaf for her, regular for me and some cookies (oatmeal raising for her, chocolate chip for me).  It was a fun afternoon and I got to hear some stories about my grandfather's first job.  I love getting to hear old family stories.

Take care,

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