10 Youtube Channels I Love!

Watching videos on Youtube is one of my favorite ways to unwind.  The videos are often the perfect length for watching while I multi-task on other activities (like drafting or writing in my bullet jurnal or doodling) and they provide me with a lot of good information and inspiration.

Below, I've listed a few of my favorites along with explanations of why I like them.  Maybe you'll find them interesting too! Or if you have any recommendations of your own, let me know in the comments.

1. Boho Berry 

Follow her blog, follow her on snapchat, follow her on instagram, follow her on youtube.  Kara's bullet journal pages and her drawings are really inspiring!  I aspire to keep an organized and creative bullet journal just like she does.

2. NerdzRL

I've been following Cassandra for a couple of years now and her life vlogs are my absolute favorite. She videos about her life, her career (as a stuntwoman), her aspirations, her dreams.  She's a hard worker and I love seeing how far she's come over the years.

3. Life with Lina

I found Lina thanks to her planning videos.  While I do like her planning videos, I really like to watch her life vlogs.  Her recipes are interesting and she inspires me to eat healthier with all of the good food she concocts.  I also like getting to hear about her etsy shop.

4. Paige Poppe

I like Paige's videos because she lives a cool lifestyle and talks about her art, planning, and other cool things.

5. Now This Is Living

Shannon and Cammie are two of my favorites.  I'm not sure how I heard about them.  Basically, they are a lesbian couple who met on tumblr and are really cute and make cute videos. haha

6. Peruse Project Vlogs

Peruse Project is a book review vlog but I like to watch her vlogs on her second channel.  I love lifestyle videos and blogs so I guess that's why this one appeals to me.

7. Read by Zoe

I love Zoe's book reviews and last month (or I guess 2 months ago) I liked hearing her talk about her Camp NaNoWriMo ambitions.

8. TheCoffeeMonsterzCo

I love her videos!  Her bullet journal pages are so cute and her illustrations are adorable.

9. Jenny Bravo

Jenny is an indie author and she makes videos about books and writing that complement her blog really well.  I find her very inspiring.

10. Kristin A. Kiefer

Kristen is the brain behind She's Novel and her videos on writing complement her blog as well.  All her videos are very informative.

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