5 Things to Know About: Ghosts in Fourth Grade

Ghosts in Fourth Grade by Constance Hiser is one of the used books that I picked up at the Franklin & Marshall used book sale. To see more of my book haul, click here!

1.  James is knocked off the swings during recess by Mean Mitchell and one of his teeth is knocked out.  Instead of getting a teacher involved (which seriously... he knocked out your tooth.  Come on) J and his friends come up with a plan to scare Mean Mitchell and teach him a lesson.  They invite Mitchell to a "Halloween Party" at a deserted house and come up with a plan to scare him.

2.  The story is really basic but I like the idea of kids actually fighting back against their bullies and giving them a taste of their own medicine.  This book was published in 1992 (The year I was born, gosh!) so I guess that's what elementary school was like in the 90's.

3.  It made me smile when the gang was working on their prank at James's house after school.  Especially when they were recording the spooky noises and J had to yodel so that his dog would howl like a wolf.

4. T.J. was a really feisty character.  I thought it was funny when she was yelling at Mitchell, but I was also a little scared for her.  I didn't want Mitchell to beat her up too.

5.  Anyway, this is a cute Halloween story for kids.  As I was reading it the plot seemed awfully familiar so I think that it's one I actually read when I was in elementary school.

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