5 Things to Know About: Melissa & Joey

I wasn't so sure about it in the beginning, but Melissa & Joey has become one of my favorite sitcoms.  The show is over now but if you've missed any of it, you can catch up on Netflix.  That's how I watched the final season!

Considering that I'm such a fan now, I thought I'd share 5 interesting things about the show.  Maybe you'll become a fan too!

1. As a huge Sabrina The Teenage Witch fan, I was excited for another comedy starring Melissa Joan Hart.

2. I find Joe's hair very confusing.  He goes through a lot of different styles.

3. Ryder (Played by Nick Robinson) is a really funny character and he always makes me laugh.  I don't know if it's his speech or the way he says things but he's really pretty funny.  I love the plot where he gets expelled from school and is stuck in their house all the time.

4.  Lennox (Mel's niece) has a boyfriend named Zander who she writes a webcomic with and their on again off again relationship is really funny to me.  I also like how artsy they are.

5.  I wasn't sure if I would buy the romance between Mel & Joe (I don't think that's a spoiler since it was displayed in so many of the commercials) but ultimately I did.  The two of them are so funny and their feelings for each other grow so slowly over the seasons that to me, it seemed realistic.  I liked the two of them together and felt like the show had a really nice ending.

Do you like Melissa & Joey?  Were you sad that it ended?  Let me know in the comments.

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